48 Hours in Vienna

It was Wednesday afternoon, I have my passport in my hand and I am waiting to board a flight to Vienna. A few hours later I was coming up the escalator to be greeted with the stunning view of the Opera house. As I arrived late at night, I went to the nearest restaurant to have a quick meal, got an early night, so I had all of the next day to explore what Vienna had to offer.


The first morning I woke up and went to the famous Schönburnn palace, just outside of the city centre. Firstly I toured the inside of the building, where you are able to see the stunning rooms and learn about the history of the palace. However, it was noticeable that their was a bias of what parts of the palace’s history was discussed on the audio guide tour I took. Afterwards I went for a stroll in the garden of the palace which is beautiful and also free! Schönburnn palace is definitely a must see in Vienna.


Towards the end of the morning I went back into the centre of Vienna to try the Austrian classic a apple strudel in one of the many cafes. Although good, it was slightly too sweet for my liking. In the afternoon on Thursday, I started to walk down the Kärnter Straße for some shopping! and then visited the well know St Stephan cathedral at the end of the road. After seeing the cathedral, a trip to Cafe Central for some tea and to try some of Austria’s best cakes!


After feeling very full, I continued to walk around the city by going through the Spanish riding school and coming out the other side to see some of the city’s major attractions; including the Hofburg palace and the many museums. After walking around the city, it was time to relax in our apartment before we went to try one of the country’s most famous dishes, the schnitzel! Once I had my schnitzel it was another early night so I could make the most of the time I had in Vienna on the Friday.

On Friday morning I took the first bus tour of the city, which conveniently started right outside where I was staying. The bus tour took us round the main sites of the city centre as well as further a field, which allowed me to see parts of the city that I would not have visited otherwise. I also definitely recommend getting the first tour of the day because there will be a choice of seets on the bus and it will not be busy.

big_045_BigBusTours_Tour@2xIn the afternoon I decided to explore the city by foot and walked round the back streets and non touristy parts of Vienna. Although I did not know exactly where I was in the city, it was fun walking around areas I did not know and discovering beautiful buildings off the tourist trail.

After exploring the city in the afternoon, I had to pack up my clothes and sadly get ready to go home. Exactly two days after landing in Vienna I was back at the airport after a fantastic two days in the city.

11 thoughts on “48 Hours in Vienna

  1. Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing the tips and pictures. Can’t wait to visit one day and I think I will take your advice and take a bus tour. Sounds like a blast. Thanks again for sharing.


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