5 tips for choosing where to study abroad

Making the right choice about where you study abroad is important and will be one of the most exciting times of your life. I am here to give you my 5 top tips about how to find your dream destination to hit the books.

1. Look into all of your options of where you can go


Depending on your university or study abroad program, you may have a million options or only a few choices of where you can go, Look at them ALL to see which university is best for you. When I was looking at the different universities I came with the idea that I wanted to go to the USA, that completely changed and I ended up in Australia! (best decision ever).

2. Go somewhere you have never been before


There is nothing more thrilling than going to a country for the first time and studying abroad is the perfect excuse for it! Also I would recommend going to a continent you have never been to before as this will give you the opportunity to visit neighbouring countries  as well.

3. Look up the cost of living in the countries you are considering

giphy (1)

Some countries are as cheap as chips and others will cost you an arm and a leg. Also nobody wants to be that person who has to drop out of their study abroad because they realised they could not afford it! (trust me I’ve seen this happen to people). It is worth looking up how much you can expect to spend on rent, bills, food, transport and any other cost you might occur during your time abroad, as well as the obvious ones (flights, visa etc.).

4. Climate

giphy (2)

Again this maybe obvious to most, but the climate is still something you need to look into of the town/city you will be based in, not the country. The climate can vary dramatically within the same country. Take Australia for example, I was based in Brisbane where the weather meets the stereotype of Australia being hot and sunny. However, if you end up studying abroad in Tasmania for the warm climate, you will be in for a shock.

5. Language Barrier

giphy (3)

Although this was not a problem for me, if you are thinking of going to a country where they do not speak your native language you need to ask yourself the following questions. Is my language ability good enough to live in that country? Will I be comfortable living in an environment where I will not be able to understand anything? However, studying abroad can also be a great opportunity to develop your language skills.

2 thoughts on “5 tips for choosing where to study abroad

  1. I love this topic and it is so interesting. I have always been obsessed with traveling abroad and exploring daily life in another country, not the touristic places. These are very helpful tips as I look forward to being able to choose where to study abroad.


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